Solutions You Can BankOn

Solutions You Can Bank On

Financial Towns’s mobile app, Initiate, allows your customers and potential customers the opportunity to be a tap away from support representatives, loan officers, managers, sales solution representatives and more. A single video chat can unlock the opportunity of a sale, customer solution, and new account opening to its fullest potential. Become a trusted partner to your customers by providing the solutions they need, and bank on us to help you tap into more opportunities through mobile video solutions.

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Financial Town Present

Brian, a Financial Institution member, is interested in a new product but wants to know more about it before starting an application. Your Financial Institutions Member Service Representative shows Brian a sales presentation for the product or service he is interested in. Empowering the Member Service Representative to engage with Brian at a level that meets and exceeds his expectations.

Financial Town Terms & Acceptance

Brian decides to move forward with a new product application after feeling empowered by the Member Service Representative,s product presentation. Brian appreciates the transparency in the process and the increased connection to the Financial Institution. Once the application is finished, Brian is able to remotely accept all terms and conditions as well as E-sign all required documents. Increasing the speed of the sales process.

Financial Town Document Upload

Brian’s application requires appropriate documentation. Financial Town’s application allows the Member Service Representative to continue the sale by triggering an event that would allow Brian to upload required documentation. Brian captures all documentation with his computer or smartphone and uploads it securely to the Member Service Representative. Allowing the sales process to start in minutes rather than days, weeks or months.

Financial Town Present

Utilizing Financial Town Present, a feature of Initiate, your Hospitality Representatives can replace the current view on the guests phone and provide them with virtual tours of the rooms they are interested in. Ensuring they get the exact room they want before they ever book the room.

Book Now Actions

Once your guest has selected the room they would like to stay in they can immediately begin booking the room face to face. While booking the room, the opportunity will be given to them to agree to the number of nights, nightly rates, and dates of the booking.

Enhance Guest Experiences

Hospitality experiences begin the moment they see your website, from there they will judge the property and room. What if you could capture them and give personalized tours and selections of rooms face to face? Start enhancing the guest experience before they ever step onto your property.

Financial Town E-Sign

Optimizing out of office experiences for patients will need the same verifications and sign off’s that office visits require. E-Sign allows the patient to acknowledge their request for care, diagnosis, and consultations.

Secure Consultations

Secure consultations and patient sign off will allow you to effectively treat them. Telemedicine has been transforming the way health care works, and patient acknowledgement allows the time spent in video chats to become billable hours for your office.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction & Increase Efficiency

Patients will be able to get the help and treatment they need right at the moment of need. Health care personnel will be able to mitigate and determine which patients need to go to the hospital and which need to take precautions from home before going to the doctor, urgent care, or emergency room.

Emergencies Happen

Customers need to speak with you when emergencies happen. Support video so you can best insure that your clients needs are met when they arise. Making contact and letting them know face to face provides comfort and satisfaction.

Secure Consultations

When the accident, hazard, or emergency happens claims will need to start. Photographic evidence and other items will need be to collected to properly file the claim. Allow agents the ability to send action oriented items to customers to take pictures and sign off on requests right from their mobile device while in a video chat.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction & Increase Efficiency

Furthering claim processes in a single video chat immediately increases the satisfaction level of the customer. Allowing you and your agency to become a trusted partner in all insurance related inquiries.

So Personal Your Customers Might Have to Get a Room.

So Personal Your Customers Might Have to Get a Room.

Unprecedented access to Service Representatives will allow you and your customers to tap into opportunities that use to be "office-only" accessible. Through mobile video solutions, Financial Town, can enable important decisions and actions wherever the customer is at the time of need. Utilizing smart strategies built for the connected user removes the need for either party to be in an office, branch, or retail store.

Tap into more opportunities, and utilize mobile video solutions to unlock their potential.

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